Snoring is not just a nuisance to those around a snorer …
It is also a health risk for the snorer !!!
Snoring can be associated with OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNOA SYNDROME OR O.S.A.S.
O.S.A.S. INVOLVES A FALL IN Blood Oxygen saturation in sleep. It can lead to excess day time sleepiness which can be dangerous.
Also,it can be associated with Hypertension , Diabetes, Stroke. O.S.A.S. IS CERTAINLY A THREAT TO THE THE PATIENT’S HEALTH If you or your partner or anybody you know snores


Visit Us !!!

A visit to us will involve these initial steps in snoring management.

  • History
  • Clinical Examination
  • Sleep study


After this we will have an idea about whether the individual has Snoring only or has Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome.
Then various treatment options are discussed with the patient and the treatment is carried forward !

Don’t ignore snoring !!!

Let us help you have a SOUND SLEEP

Dr. Siddharth R. Yande will also be available for consultation by appointments at :

Inlaks Budhrani Hospital

ENT OPD – Mon to Fri – 1pm to 3pm

Jehangir Hospital

ENT OPD – Mon/Wed/Fri – 3pm to 5pm

Jeevan Sadhana Clinic

Paud Phata, Karve Road, Near Hotel Yatri.

Arogya Diagnostic Clinic

Balewadi, Near MITCON / MOZE college.

Jia Speciality Clinics

Nathan Road , Mangal Das road , Near Wadia College.