Hearing Evaluation

At GOOD ‘H’EARS it is our endeavor to use the best possible modalities and approaches to reach a diagnosis !!! Hearing evaluations involve measuring the hearing loss. There are multiple options available to do the same.


PURE TONE AUDIOMETRY  The Gold standard and most established modality of hearing assessment. Pure Tone Audiometry involves presenting sounds of different frequencies and intensities to the patient through Headphones with the help of Audiometer and patient responds to sound by raising hand or pressing the button if He/She is hears it.

The standard procedure is used to measure a quietest sound the patient can hear at different frequencies (pitches).Depending on the results the hearing is categorized as normal or affected. Hearing loss is further categorized in different degrees for example Mild /Moderate/severe/etc.

This test also helps in knowing which part of ear is affected as our ear is divided into three different parts.


IMPEDANCE AUDIOMETRY  The Human ear is made up of three parts –the outer ,the middle and the inner ear. This test helps in testing middle Ear’s condition. A small probe is inserted in an outer ear to get the measurement /graph on the device (tympanometer) ; which tells about the movements of your ear drum and middle ear infections/fluid in middle ear/middle ear air pressure etc .

BERA (Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry) It involves the monitoring of the neural response generated by a sound stimulus as it travels through the auditory nerve from the ear to the Brain stem. It is a non invasive investigation. This helps in detecting hearing loss in infants & children.


This test helps in detecting hearing loss in pediatric and difficult to test (not able to follow the instructions) population. Also helpful in detecting lesions of auditory nerve such as acoustic neuromas etc.

SPEECH AUDIOMETRY In certain cases the understanding of words is less which may or may not be associated with a hearing loss. In such cases (and other indications too such as to assess the benefit of hearing aids , etc) a speech Audiometry is done which assesses the patients speech understanding.

Cochlear Implant Clinic Cochlear implants may help people with severe or total hearing loss in both ears who do not get any benefit from hearing aids. The cochlear implant plays the function of the cochlea or organ of hearing. External sound is converted to an electric impulse and is then directly sent to the nerve of hearing which then carries to the brain. The team of professionals at GOOD ‘H’EARS is experienced in Candidacy ( That is deciding which patient requires an implant ) as well as in providing post implant therapy.

BEHAVIOURAL AUDIOMETRY / FREE FIELD TESTING / CONDITIONED AUDIOMETRY … are other modalities used to assess hearing in children. Along with this various other modalities and tests are used to assess hearing.